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FFX Tall Study Desk Lamp

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  • Can function as a table lamp or it can be used as a bedside light or a reading lamp.
  • 42cm height and 33cm long light boom creates a large illumination coverage of up to 3m square, creating an ideal work and study space that does not strain the eye. Its flexible adjustable light boom caters to your child's growing needs, no matter at which height, it is adaptable.



  • Model: 33307
  • Color: White
  • Input power: 5V 1A (Adapter NOT included)
  • Rated power: 8.5W
  • Light source: 48Nos LED Bulbs
  • Light temperature: 4000K
  • Illumination coverage: 3m square
  • Package dimensions: 45x 18x 20cm
  • Controls: Single touch button
  • Step-less brightness level (tap and hold to increase / decrease). Tap once to toggle color temperature: yellow, natural, bright white