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Tuya Smart Universal IR Controller

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The product is an universal remote for you to control infrared appliances through your smartphone ( IOS & Android ) .

Users can control the appliances anywhere at anytime once they can connect mobile internet (Either Wifi or Mobile Data). Except controlling appliance directly, users can also preset scheduling, theme so that appliances will turn on / off automatically under different themes.

  • Remote control of many branded electrical appliances
  • Set up by choosing applicable control "templates" on APP
  • Control appliances via mobile APP over WIFI or mobile data at home or remotely
  • Smart learning function allows learning of control signal from appliances remote control unit (customize software button of APP control template)
  • Higher quality construction, reset button (as compared to market commonly found product), higher quality broadcast and WiFi connectivity
  • Model: UFO-R1
  • Compatible APP: Smartlife / Tuya Smart
  •  Compatible Home Automation: Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT, 
  •  Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (May not work well with all mesh routers;)
  •  Features: Compatible with major brands of IR controllable products, learning mode (learning customized mode)