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Xiaosi Cordless Car Wash Water Pressure Jet Spray

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  • The Xiao Si Car wash cordless water jet high pressure spray
  • Patented design car wash spray
  • Light weight (1.59kg without the barrel)
  • Small (less than 40cm with short barrel)
  • Powerful motor that delivers 29BAR (420 PSI - pounds per square inch) pressure of water.
  • 10 to 15 minutes operation (per 24VF battery) depending on water pressure level.
  • Water source is also flexible with its filtered water inlet hose.


  • Brand Xiao Si
  • Mode: 001
  • Water pressure: 29 Bar (420PSI) maximum
  • Motor: 12 Plunger copper motor
  • Operation duration: 
    • 10 to 15 mins (depending on water pressure) per 24VF battery
  • Water flow: 2.8 - 3L per hour
  • Input voltage: 220VAC
  • Power: 130W
  • Battery: 24VDC
  • Weight 1.59kg (without barrel and bottle)
  • Inlet: Water hose (provided), water bottle (generic cola bottle), Soap water bottle with barrel (provided)
  • Function: Car wash, wall cleaning, bathroom and toilet wash, floor cleaning, watering plants