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Universal 3 Pin Adapter with Protective Fuse

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Convert USA / US 2 PIN Plug or EU Plug to the UK/SG Plug with this handy product!
Adapter plugs convert foreign plug types for UK/SG Outlets.
With Ground (3 Prong Plug) for your safety

  • Supports 110v to 240v products (Note: Product does not convert voltage)
  • Maximum Current Allowed: 13A
  • Overloading is not recommended (e.g. with power strip to connect more than 1 device)
  • There is NO voltage or electricity conversion.

Please ensure that your device/charger supports the country's voltage and use a voltage converter if necessary.
Singapore uses 220v / 240v. Most products are rated for 110v ~ 240v (universal voltage).

Usage Instructions

  1. Hold your device's cord/charger/plug (with the foreign plug head) in one hand.
  2. Aim the plug head at the respective holes on the universal adapter.
  3. Push in until you hear a click sound or it fits tightly into the adapter. Use similar force needed to plug your electrical into a regular SG/UK Socket.
  4. For your safety, ensure that the device's plug does not fall out easily with a light tug on the cord/charger/plug.
  5. Ensure that your mains socket is turned off before plugging the adapter.
  6. Plug the adapter into your mains socket (SG/UK Plug) and turn on the power switch.